Mission of the company


BRONTO is a leading manufacturer of extrusion systems.

We offer extruders, oil presses, biofuel machines and complete extrusion lines of high quality and at a fair market price.

BRONTO is a great team, great quality and the excellent service.

Our customers are 2650 companies around the World.

We have dealers in 22 countries on 5 continents.

Our key is being reliable and available.

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The history is being creating right now… 


Modernization of the extruders E-250-60 and E-1500. Manufacturing of pellets cooler and pellets separator

Complete processing line for rapeseed in Belarus

The 7th International Conference EXTRUtec

Remodeling of the following machines: extruders Е-500 and Е-1000; oil press OP-1000; cooler ОЕ-1000; briquetting machine EB-350 and mechanical briquette press LB-500.
Manufacturing of the oil press RP-1000.
The 6-th International Conference EXTRUtec

Manufacturing of the oil press RP-500.
Construction of wood pellet plant in Kamianka, Ukraine.
The 5-th International Conference EXTRUtec 



Pellet mill РЕ-250

Oil press ОР-500



Oilseeds hulling system LSG-4



Plan of company development for 10 years

the 4-th International Conference EXTRUtec

Oil press SP-1000

Pellet mill PT-1000



Mechanical briquetting press LВ-500

Fuel briquettes production line in Hungary



Extrusion line for soybeans and rapeseed processing

Japanese management system KAIZEN, 5S, 3T

Certification ISO 9001-2000

Certification standards CE for extruder E-1000



Conference BRIQUEtec on biofuel

Oil press for full-fat soy OP-1000



Technical re-equipment of manufacturing plant

BRONTO as a global brand that sells products

through its regional representatives

the International Conference EXTRUtec 2008,

Rio Cuarto (Argentina)



the 3-rd International Conference EXTRUtec

Extruder with preconditioner E-1500



Service center was founded

A new dealer in Latin America (Global EXtent)

Serial production of briquetting press EB-350



Conference on the grain processing

the 2nd International Conference EXTRUtec

Cooler OE-1000 for full-fat soy



the 1st Conference EXTRUtec 2004

Extruder E-1000, roller and chain conveyors

The first sales to Europe



New dealer in Serbia – PRO-X company

Design of bucket elevators NC-1-175



Start of export sales



The idea of trade mark BRONTO came up

The first extruders were designed



"CherkasyElevatorMash" company was established


Manufacturing of bucket elevators NC-1-100



Conveyors for unloading grain from railway vehicles

Equipment for the Bühler mills in USSR



Director Oleksandr Odokiienko



Grain dryer DSP-32



Construction of a new office and workshops


January 20th 1967

Foundation date

Extrusion is a technology that benefits people. This vision truly inspires us move forward, to improve and innovate our equipment.

Our extrusion systems produce feed for livestock and domestic animals, aquatic feed, pet food, hot and cold pressed vegetable oil and various kinds of solid biofuel.

Quality and service are the most important items at BRONTO company:

  • Service is in the best interests of our clients. We provide you with the highest level of support in choosing the equipment in accordance with your needs. Technical specialists give consultations and teach you how to operate any type of extrusion machine.
  • We use only high quality European motors, gear-boxes and bearings in manufacture of premium extrusion systems

We share our knowledge in advanced extrusion technologies around the World. Our dealers are in Argentina, Egypt, India, Serbia, South Africa, Romania, Thailand, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Moldova, Italy, Slovakia, Belarus, United Kingdom, Spain, Uzbekistan, Germany, Ireland and Iran.

We are open for cooperation.

We are reliable and available.