Sales Policy

  1. BRONTO has a policy of selling through regional dealers.
  2. BRONTO does not sell in the territories where there are regional dealers.
  3. The price for the territory of competence of the dealer sets the dealer, based on the characteristics of the market and the requirements of maintenance.
  4. BRONTO right to recommend the price for dealers territory.
  5. The price for open markets.
    BRONTO publish prices only to open markets, ie the territories in which there is no regional dealers.
  6. The prices published for open markets, and are recommended for guidance, given on EXW and for the basic configuration.
    Final delivery cost is calculated based on the configuration of the equipment and its completeness.
  7. When prompted by the buyer with the price of the open market, the representative BRONTO price offered for open markets.
  8. When prompted by the buyer from the market price, which operates regional dealer representative BRONTO forwards the request to the dealer territory