EXTRUDER E-250-10ST has been designed to produce TEXTURIZED SOY PROTEIN (TSP), known as SOY MEATSOYA CHUNKS or SOY NUGGETS





(SBM) solvent extracted soybean meal

defatted toasted soy meal (flour)

  • oil content: 0,5-2%
  • protein:48% 
  • PDI: 50 units




  • robust construction
  • easy to operate
  • steam is not required
  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity, kg/hour: 250
  • Length, mm: 2000
  • Width, mm: 1970
  • Height, mm: 1650
  • Power, kW: 39
  • Weight, kg: 1000

Textured soy protein most often known as soy nuggets or soy meat is obtained from slightly toasted defatted soybean meal.

Characteristics that confirm the quality of the raw material to be processed:

  • urease index - above 2.0 pH
  • PDI - from 50 units and higher

The high protein content visually improves the fibrous structure of the ready TSP and its ability to absorb the moisture.


Raw material is fed from the hopper into the working body of the extruder. The feed of material is regulated by a frequency converter.

Inside the extruder barrel the raw material is mixed, compressed and heated. Under high pressure and temperature, the structural changes occur in the soy flour as it is being texturized. When the soy flour goes through the extruder the protein chains break apart and as a result, they form long strands. Basically you can see the layers which visually resemble the meat structure.

The ready textured soy protein exits the extruder through the die and then it is cut into the equal pieces turning out to be soy meat or soy nuggets.

The soy nuggets can be further cut to a smaller size on a special grinder according to customer preferences.

After cutting or grinding, the TSP is fed to the dryer in order to reduce the moisture to 10% and then it moves to the cooling device.