The extruder is designed for:

  • production of mixed feed for cattle, pets and poultry
  • operating on the PTO shaft of the tractor via a drive shaft with safety clutch



  • you can use this extruder in the field, as well as in areas with a lack of capacity of electricity grids



wheat, neigh, maize, barley, pea, lupin, soybeans, rape and sunflower


  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity for soybean processing, kg / hour: 250
  • Overall dimension LхWхH: 1710х910х1610
  • Rotation frequency PTO of tractor, r/min: 540
  • Rated-load torque, Nm: 620
  • Maximum torque, Nm: 1050
  • Parameters PTO (zxdxD), mm: 6х29х35
  • Parameters of electric main: 220 V,1 phase/50Hz, 4 А
  • Power of tractor drive, kW:: 36

Extruder E-250 T operates on the PTO shaft of the tractor via a drive shaft. It makes this model convenient for operating in any area without capacity of electricity grids.

The raw material processing is made with dry extrusion method. It means that the mixture is affected by pressure and heat.

The first step is the pretreatment of raw material. It must have the proper moisture and must be cleaned from metal residues and any waste.

Raw material is fed from a hopper into screw barrel. Magnet catcher is installed within a hopper so it can catch any metal residues you’ve missed. Inside the barrel there is a screw that conveys the raw material forward to outlet die.

Extrusion is a process of thermal treatment, sterilization, dehydration, texturing and granulating of the final product.

The product goes through the barrel while the heat is progressively increased.

During thisprocess most potentiallyharmful bacteriaand viruses are killed, inhibitor trypsin level in extruded soy is reduced.

The final product is shaped by forcing out through the die.