valuable protein feed source for animals, poultry and fish



  • contains essential amino acids
  • high nutritional value
  • high protein level
  • low fiber



full fat soya



oil pressОР-500 or ОР-1000 

which operate as a part of SOY PROCESSING LINE

  • Parameter Value
  • Residual oil in cake, %: 8

Soybean cake is considered as one of the most valuable soybean products.

By its nutritional value and quantity of essential amino acids is a leader along with such highly feed sources as fodder yeast, fish and bone meal.

Soybean meal is far superior to other oil crops cakes on content and quantity of feed units and protein.

Soybean meal is obtained by mechanical extraction of oil from soybean seeds.

Technology BRONTO using the press model OP-1000 which has an elongated bar camera in conjunction with an extruder for dry extrusion E-1000 allows to obtain high quality soybean oil with high yield and high-protein soybean meal. Soybean cake is a valuable and sought-after food for animals and birds.

Soybean oil cake has shape of pressed plates of various sizes and can be crushed in a particulate or granular grits as granules of size 5 - 7 cm. length and 1 - 2 cm in diameter.

Already crushed or granulated cake is easy to use because it does not require additional preparation.

On soybean cake has the best nutritional value and chemical composition from all fodders and other crops cakes.

Feed units per 1 kg of product in soybean meal 1.2. Compare: rapeseed - 0.98; linen - 1.14; sunflower - 0.98. By the number of digestible protein soybean meal also has the best performance from other types of feed additives - 345.5 g per kg of feed while in castor beans, sunflower, linseed, rapeseed - 310; 325.4; 265.5; 277.3 grams per kg of production, respectively.

Another distinctive feature of soybean meal and its advantage over other types of cakes - a low content of fiber in its composition.

In one kilogram of soya cake fiber is only 72 grams, compared to rapeseed, this figure is almost three times higher - 205 g; in linseed - 145.3 m; sunflower - 152.4 m; castor - 369.2 m. Besides the above soybean meal has significantly more B vitamins, than in other types of feed.

Parameters of soybean cake obtained on technology BRONTO:
1. Mass fraction of crude protein based on dry matter,%, not less than 42,5-44,5%
2. Mass fraction of crude fat in low-fat products based on dry matter , not more than 6.8 %
3. Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, not more than 7.5%
4. Mass fraction of crude oil based on dry matter, not more than 5.6 - 7.5%
5. The activity of urease 0.17

Adding soybean meal to feed cows increases milk production on 20%, and fat content of milk at 0.03%.

Also good results are achieved in poultry industry - with the addition of only 3% of soybean meal in feed for poultry, it is possible to increase egg production by 2-3%, which is very noticeable in large poultry farms with production capacity of more than 100 million eggs per year.

The use of soybean meal is not limited to large livestock or poultry farms.

It is widely used for preparation of feed for all animals, and for feeding of exotic animals on fur farms for production of valuable fur and feeding of valuable fish, for example trout.