• for bio fuel briquettes (Pini-kay type)


  • produce solid fuel with calorific value 4200-4900 kcal/kg
  • process any plant biomass crushed to 1-5 mm and dried up to 8%
  • get the 100% ecological briquette, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals
  • utilize industrial wood and biomass wastes
  • create eco-friendly source of energy from renewable sources


wood waste: woodchips, wood shavings and sawdust of hardwood and softwood

agricultural waste: sunflower, buckwheat and rice husks, walnut shells, peanut shells, olive pits, straw, cane, miscanthus, bagasse etc.

  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity, kg/hour: 500
  • Moisture of raw material, %: 8
  • Length, mm: 3800
  • Width, mm: 1200
  • Height, mm: 2250
  • Power, kW: 46,4
  • Weight, kg: 1600

Raw material is fed into the hopper of the press.

Screw feeders supply the feedstock to the pressing zone .

Raw material is pushed by conical screw feeder forward. It compresses the mixture to 1-1.2 t / m³ and creates a form of the briquette.

The cross section of briquette is square 63 mm on 63 mm with inside opening 10-15 mm.

Fuel briquette is fired by tubular electric heaters to 180-300 ° C.

There is no glue or other additives in our technology. Such a high temperature extracts lignin from biomass. This natural polymer binds the surface of briquette and prevents the penetration of moisture, makes the product resilient to any destruction during transportation.

Briquette is forced through a die and moved to a cooler. The cooler has clamps that regulate the proportion of fuel briquettes.

At the end of production line briquettes are cut to the desired length. From the cooler briquette is supplied either to mechanical briquette cutter or automatic one. This stage gives you an option to choose briquettes length.

After cutting the ready product is completely cooled.