for removing heat and vapor from oil cake, full fat soy or bulk products 


  • easy to use
  • continuous operation


hot full fat soy (temperature up to 140 ° C) oil cake and other post extruded bulk materials


  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity, kg/hour: 1000
  • Temperature of extrudate after cooling: на 10 °С выше температуры окружающей среды
  • Power, kW: 4,5



The raw material is fed into cooler. Screw feeder moves the product into the drum of the cooler.

The drum rotates on its axis. There are welded planks inside the press drum .
During rotation planks stir hot cake (raw) inside the drum in the direction of discharge.

Fan is installed on the cooler near input side.
It creates a flow of air through the raw material which is stirred inside the drum.

Heat exchange occurs between the cold air and the hot extrudate.The fan inhausts the heated air from the cooler.The cooled product is discharged from the drum cooler.

ОЕ-1000 прис разм

Drum cooler consists of drum 1, cyclone 2, sleeve 3, control panel 4.