BELT DRYER BD-2000 has been designed to dry feed pellets after extrusion lowering their moisture content from 25% to 8%

BELT DRYER BD-2000 is usually integrated into pet food lines and the complete lines for aquafeed production. It ensures efficient, gentle and homogeneous drying of feed pellets and guarantees the quality of the final product.


FINAL PRODUCT: aquafeed pellets, pet food pellets (with the final moisture content of 8%)

INPUT MATERIAL: extruded feed pellets (with the moisture content of 25%)



the temperature of the drying process: 60...110 °С

the temperature of the discharged product: max 40°С



adjustment of variable belt speeds

uniform pellets feeding and spreading over the belts

gentle and homogeneous drying

reliable construction

parts that contact the feed pellet are made in food-grade stainless steel


BELT DRYER BD-2000 has three conveying belts where the first and the second have been designed for drying and the third one has been constructed to cool the product down.

The movement of the product and the circulating air goes in the opposite direction to each other.


How the product moves

Feed pellets are continuously fed and evenly spread on the first conveying belt. At the end of the top belt, the product transfers to the second belt.

After going through the drying process, the product gets on the third conveying belt where the process of cooling takes place. There is a built-in cooler allows the product to be cooled to the temperature which is higher than the ambient temperature by 10 С.

Fine layers with adjustable speeds offer the uniform distribution of the product. The speed of the belts, drying temperature, air and exhaust flow is controlled for each drying section.


How the air flows

The air with the help of pressure fan moves through the third conveying belt. Afterward, with the help of 4 air heaters, the air is heated and is evenly drawn through the two layers of the product with 4 hot air exhaust fans.

The temperatures inside the dryer chambers are constantly monitored, these measurements automatically control the speed of the belt and this gives the most efficient drying time and consistent quality of product


  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity, kg/hour: 2000
  • Installed power (without steam), not more than, kW: 23
  • Thermal power of steam heaters, kW: 4х115=460
  • Bulk weight of raw materials, t/m³: 0,3 ... 0,5
  • Moisture of raw material, %: max 25
  • Moisture content, %: max 8
  • Height of the product discharge, mm: 870
  • Loading height of raw materials, mm: 4850
  • Steam consumption per 1 kg of feed, kg: 850 ... 1100
  • Air consumption, m³/h: 16 000
  • Condensation, kg /h: max 1 100
  • Length, mm: 17 000
  • Width, mm: 4 500
  • Height, mm: 5 250
  • Weight, kg: 22 520

1) feed pellets are continuously fed to the top conveying belt of the drying section 

    belt area - 24,5 m2

    belt speed - adjustable

    height of the product layer - up to 110 mm




2) feed pellets are transported to the second lower conveying belt 

    belt area - 24,5 m2

    belt speed - adjustable



3) heated air constantly circulates through the conveying belts

    the amount of air is regulated by the pressure fan (15 kW) and 4 hot air exhaust fans (2,2 kW each) 

    the temperature of the drying process and heat volume are adjusted for each drying section



4) the already dried pellets are moved to the cooling section

    belt area - 24,5 m2

    belt speed - adjustable

    the temperature of the discharged pellets is higher than the temperature in the shop by 5 ... 10 °С













1 - Initial basic section

2 - Intermediate basic section (4 pcs.)

3 - End basic section

4 - Initial cooler section

5 - Intermediate cooler section (4 pcs.)

6 - End section of the cooler

7 - Initial dryer section

8 - Intermediate dryer section (4 pcs.)

9 - End section of the dryer

10 - Bulk tray

11 - Layer (3 pcs.)

12 - Air heater (4 pcs.)

13 - Steam supply system

14 - Pressure fan

15 - Hot air exhaust fan (4 pcs.)

16 - Intake air duct

17 - Outlet air duct of cooler

18 - Inlet air duct of dryer

19 - Outlet air duct of dryer

20 - Service platform



All parts which in contact with the feed pellet are made in food-grade stainless steel.





 Loading section:






Loading tray:





 Drying chamber:





In the upper part, there are two drying layers (conveying belts)

In the bottom, there is one cooling layer (conveying belt)






The diagram below shows

  • sections with drying layers are marked in a light color
  • sections with cooler layers are indicated in gray




Drying layer: