for pressing vegetable oil and getting the press cake with oil content of 6-8%


  • the unique oil press has been specially designed for getting the soybean oil from the extruded full-fat soy;
  • it allows you to get the maximal level of oil. The residual oil in the oil cake right after it has been discharged from the oil press machine achieves even 6%.  The protein level increases up to 1,5-2%. This is the economical way of soy processing. The best capacity factors are achieved paired with the Extruder E-500 (for soybeans);
  • only high-quality European motors, gear-boxes and bearings are used. Special materials and treatment provide a long-lasting performance of the main parts of the oil press. It guarantees a long quiet and trouble-free operation in continuous pressing 24 hours per day all the year round
  • it is fast and easy to serve and clean this machine


hot full fat soya, extruded sunflower and rapeseed

  • Parameter Value
  • Capacity, ton/day: 10
  • Moisture of raw material, %: 6-8
  • Residual oil in cake, %: 6-8
  • Length, mm: 3420
  • Width, mm: 780
  • Height, mm: 1560
  • Power, kW: 15
  • Weight, kg: 2960

The oil press OP-500 is a compact version of the oil press OP-1000, it has been specially designed for the case you don’t have enough space in the premises.

The preheated full-fat soy with moisture of 6% is fed in the pressing cage. The screw shaft moves raw material along the pressing cage which consists of bars and special gaps for oil output.

The diameter of the press cage decreases, the chambers are spaced tighter from the inlet towards the outlet of the oil press, it means that the first chamber is a larger diameter and has the less pressure inside, the next chambers are smaller diameter plus the pressure that occurs inside is much higher. 

The gaps between bars do not pass solid parts of the soybean meal. However, these gaps are perfect for oil yield, the oil leaks through the gaps and flows into the reservoir below. From the reservoir the oil is fed to filtration and cleaning and then to the storage system.

Soybean meal with oil content of 6-8% is discharged out of the press through the regulated die. This allows you to change the oil content of oil cake by 1-2%.

Oil cake crusher is mounted under the cone. It crushes the meal into pieces which are smaller than 50mm * 50mm * 50mm. It is much easier to cool down the already cut meal, plus it is an important step for preserving the protein quality.

The ready soybean oil cake is fed into the cooler and then to the storage.