Bucket elevators and conveyors

BUCKET ELEVATORS AND CONVEYORS. What kind of equipment category is it?

This equipment is used for the mechanization of grain processing enterprises.

Bucket elevators are used for:

  • lifting of bulk products (grain, cereals, flour) to a height of 4 to 60 meters;
  • when it’s necessary to lift the load, but to save space in the shops premises.

Conveyors are used for:

  • horizontal transportation of grain and other free-flowing products at the distance of 75 m. Max inclination angle is 20º;
  • transportation of materials between the processing units in the shop.

Types of bucket elevators:

  • belt bucket elevators (the buckets loaded with material are moved with the help of belts);
  • chain bucket elevators (the buckets are mounted on the chains);
  • bucket elevators forgrain transportation;
  • bucket elevators for mineral materials transportation.

Types of conveyors:

  • trench conveyors (transport the material with scrapers fixed to the chain);
  • belt conveyors (transport the material with the belt);
  • screw conveyors (transport the material with the screw).

The main advantages of our bucket elevators and conveyors

Only in our country each year more than 60 million tons of various grain crops are cultivated. Upon delivery from the fields, the grain is constantly in motion: cleaning, drying, handling, storage, shipment and processing. Our conveyors and bucket elevators provide grain transportation with no breakdowns, stated production capacity and minimal energy costs.