Manufacture of fuel briquettes

BRONTO machines for fuel briquettes production

This type of equipment has been designed to produce solid biofuel from wood waste and biomass material.

Using BRONTO briquetting machine you can:

  • make highly demanded high energy solid fuel from waste wood and agricultural waste material;
  • increase the specific gravity of solid biofuels and reduce the weight and cost of its delivery to consumers;
  • reduce the cost of energy consumption.

Equipment for the production of biofuel:

  • briquetting machines (briquetting presses) for Pini-kay broquettes;
  • briquetting machines (briquetting presses) for Nestro briquettes;
  • pelletizers(pellet mills) with flat die  for the production of fuel pellets;
  • pelletizers (pellet mills) with cylindrical matrix - for the production of fuel pellets.

You can buy the equipment for the production of fuel briquettes. It’s easy now.

Our briquetting presses and pellet mills guarantee the production of solid fuel biofuels from the prepared raw materials with the right moisture and fraction.

We produce highly resistant wear parts.